sport TV Live - Television App revisa


Vamos a ver que tan buena es por ahora tiene 5 estrellas

False Advertisement

Makes it seem like they have bein sports but really doesnt have it FALSE ADVERTISING

Update pls

Is it me or can you not play or remove the ad pls make that update it bother me

Spanish channels

Please add Spanish channels (Mexican channels) they are a lot of sport on those channels. Please and thank you.


Please fix it not working on my iPhone

No sound

How is possible to hear your channels for few seconds and then, audio dissapear. Image looks great, but without sound, sports are very boring

Audio needs to inprove

You guys need to improve the audio sometimes it doesn’t work but it is a really good app but the audio is not

DON’T DOWNLOAD. this app is useless and a waste of time

This app is the worst... does not stream well. It’s always sticking like every 5 seconds which makes hard to enjoy watching a game. DON’T DOWNLOAD. this app is useless and a waste of time

needs more channels

This is a decent app, but all of the channels are soccer channels. I was looking for ESPN and i found it, but it was the spanish version. Please add the english ESPN


Pretty good app. You really need to add casting capability and you’ll see you app popularity goes up like a rocket.

Add silk sport 3 hd

Good app. Please add silk sport 3hd

Hacked tv

Re broadcast of original broadcast in a pirate way . Some stations work, some have no sound. Mix bag of sport channels that are rebooted from original broadcast.

Sport TV Live 3.0,....Oops!

Installed the updated Sport TV Live 3.0 app yesterday on recent Apple iPhone & iPad. (The company apparently now owned by a British group). Video is now beautiful, the buffering issues of the past are gone, display finally formatted correctly for devices in the USA. Thrilled to see Sky Sports News added! Just one problem,...across the app, audio will only play for a about 10 seconds on startup & then no sound whatsoever. (Deleted & re-installed the app from scratch, still no luck). Oops! 1-31-2018, daylong coverage of FIFA Transfer Deadline Day on Sky Sports News, STILL NO AUDIO more than a month after 3.0 update. Absolutely Ridiculous!

Looks Good

It looks good but would be better if there is an audio. Update: Audio was fixed but after a day most videos don’t work!

Channel issues

Pretty good app, only issue I had was when using NFL network it’s showed USA channel CSI NY. Pretty good show but not what I was looking for.

Freezes and hardly any channel works..

Nothing works, and if any a ch works it freezes when an add pops up. Useless and removed it right away..


Full of ads.

Completely FAKE

Don't download it.

Piece of junk

Too many ads 💩

Does not work

Does not work

Ok App

This is an ok app, it buffers a lot. There is a ton of pop up ads for the app. You do get a ton of channels.

It's been loading forever never open

Fix your apps I'll fix my review



If you love sports..

..then this app is on point. I have no issues .... it just works!

Only Adds Work

I was trying to stream a team USA game. In stead I got an add that buffered every 10 seconds. Try making an app that you can actually watch soccer games with

No sound and can't click out of the ads

Title explains


Add ESPN 1 or make it more clear so I can watch the finals

Terrible app

Such a bad app. Useless app


Horrible application! Couldn't even integrate the ads. It crashes the whole app almost every time they appear. Just 1% of channels works. Why did you do this app?!

Good app

It Amazing tanks


Does not work

Only Ads work and nothing else

Only Ads work and nothing else.

good app

good app tnx


Junk...crashed 12 times in one minute.

Sports tv live

This app is not good at least for my location. Most of the channels are in Europe and it crashes every time you open it. MORAL OF THE STORY: DON't get this app.


Fake trash


This app is shiiiiiiit. Does nothing. Nothing why it's up here I don't know.


Every. Single. Channel. Is a pre-recorded loop (10-16 hours worth) of commercials/ads that are promoting the channel you are trying to watch. Took me almost an hour on 5 of them to figure it out. Don't waste your time like I did.


Consists of ads and nothing else.

It is ok

ESPN always repeating the same clip over and over again. FS1 or fox sports is not working anymore. I was hoping to watch Copa America. All other channels just buffering all the time using a 200mb wifi signal. This application is just a tease. Needs to improve allot. No audio different languages etc



The App :)

I really love the app. The good side it has fox,nfl,and etc. But the down side is that there barley good channels here. Sport tv live if your seeing this you should more channels of theapp. You should add bein or more sports channels then your app would be the best. Well just get more channels and keep up with the good work.

Next update?

Would be really helpful to see what channel streams what sport, clicking through them isn't enjoyable. :/

Terrible App

Completely fake, it's only a bunch of screenshots. I advise no one to download this.


Good job guys i love real madrid tv it works perfec

Great Great Great App

App is great for soccer streaming as well as other sports. This update comes with a lot improvements. I'm loving it now. We have come a long way. Great job to the people who worked on it.

Okay you are almost there, needs better connection!

Ok so the app is absolutely the most amazing app ever for me. But I am mostly interested in the channel sky sports 1 I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen the channel added to the list, but no matter how fast internet I have on my phone the channel can't run more than 3 seconds at a time with out buffering. Have 100mbps. Fix it! And this is an easy 5 out of 5 stars! And it's just that channel, all the others are flawless. Please fix, please.

Like This !

Nevermind sorry changing my review. Really great fing app. Figured out my problem.

Good but not perfect

UK Eurosport doesn't work, just commercials.

High class

It's great app for sport fans ! Thank u !

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